7 of the Top Vintage Trucks That are Sold for Cheap Online

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Pick-up trucks have been around for at least a century. It has remained one of the most, if not the most, versatile vehicles ever created.

When the very first pick-up truck was produced, it pretty much changed the entire automotive industry. The flexibility it offered was unmatched and unparalleled. With over 100 years of existence, pick-up trucks have evolved and become more popular. Truck owners could attest to its functionality with a truck’s ability to haul heavy loads with ease. A simple hitch installation ensures that the vehicle is suited for both leisure and heavy-duty use.

Why is a truck a great vehicle to have?

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Many people prefer trucks over other types of vehicles for all sorts of reasons. And while most of them will say they like a truck more because of its versatility and hauling/towing functions, owning a truck has other benefits, such as:

Increased safety

Pick-up trucks are among the safest vehicles one can ever own. Its four-wheel-drive function ensures that it will handle pretty well on any road and weather condition. The higher elevation allows the driver to have a better view of the road, thus reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, its heavier build provides greater stability. In the unfortunate event of a collision, physics dictates that the heavier and larger object wins.

In this case, where most roads are occupied by smaller sedans, a truck owner is likely to walk away from an accident free of any injury.

More space for seating and storage

Compared to sedans, trucks provide an owner with more seating and storage space because of their larger build. The great thing about modern trucks is not only are they bigger, but they also ride like sedans which makes it an ideal family car.


Nowadays, it’s so easy to customize a truck. After-market accessories and enhancements are easily accessible now to most truck owners. You can easily upgrade your truck to whatever you want to put in. This way, you can drive down the streets in a souped-up ride that doesn’t take away from its functionality but also gives you a little more swagger.

7 Inexpensive Vintage Trucks Selling Online Today

  1. ‘78 Ford F-250 ¾ Ton

Going price: $14,700

Before 1978, F-series truck body panels mostly remained the same. The ‘78 model was the first one in years to have some very substantial changes which allowed owners to modify them frequently, especially the exhaust.

  1. ‘73 Ford F-250 ¾ Ton

Going price: $14,600

One of Ford’s most classic and well-loved models is the ‘73 F-250. The bigger V8 engine displacement options underwent some major changes in the same year. With more powerful engine choices and a sleek classic body, it is one of the cheapest yet best trucks anyone can find today.

  1. ‘86 Ford F-150 ½ Ton

Going price: $11,700

1986 is an important year for Ford as it was the year they ceased the use of carburetor engines. Regardless, the manufacturer’s F-series remains one of its bestsellers as it consistently delivers in the creativity and toughness categories.

  1. ‘80 Chevrolet C10 Big10

Going price: $10,100

Chevy came out with its rounded line trucks from ‘73 to ‘87. Despite the name, they were all boxy builds which pretty much dominated most of the ‘70s and ‘80s. It’s still quite popular among truck fans, especially with the price tag it goes with.

  1. ‘80 Chevrolet C20 ¾ Ton

Going price: $10,100

Just like its brother, the C10, Chevy’s ‘80 C20 featured square headlamps that were only available for that particular year. With several improvements made from its predecessors, the C20 is still a great buy at a little over 10 grand.

  1. ‘79 Dodge Power Wagon

Going price: $12,300

Dodge has been known to make a few really great trucks over the years, with the ‘79 Power Wagon being one of them. With a more rounded appearance plus some significant improvements with the suspension, taillights, and other revisions, the Power Wagon is a great buy for only 12 grand, especially considering its payload capacity of almost 4,000 pounds.

  1. ‘63 Jeep Gladiator J-200 ½ Ton

Going price: $7,700

Although Jeep is not really known for its trucks, the Gladiator J-Series is an exception. It was simply ahead of its time in so many ways that most truck fans were mind blown with what the company had to offer in the truck category from 1962 to 1988.

A truck is a great and practical vehicle to own. They’re safe and sturdy and offer greater protection compared to a sedan. They can be easily customized according to your needs and style. If you never gave trucks a thought before, you might want to open your mind and give it some serious consideration now.

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