Lifting Your Truck: When Should You Do It?


Truck lifting has gained a lot of popularity with car enthusiasts, mostly because of its aesthetic value when hitting the road. However, this modification has its functional benefits for drivers as well. As with every alteration, it has its pros and cons. So if you’re thinking of getting your own lifted truck, here are some reasons it could be the right choice for you.

You go off-road a lot.

going off-road

Lifted trucks are popular in Phoenix, Arizona, mainly because of the area’s off-road trails, which are perfect for the souped-up trucks and SUVs. While having a vehicle with a body lift also works for cosmetic purposes, the hard-hitting functionality that you want in off-roading can be found in suspension lifts.

You may live in country regions that have rough terrain, and you need a vehicle suitable for getting around this type of land. Or you’re a hobbyist who wants a ride that can take various 4 x 4 trails. It’s wise to opt for a lifted truck. This is because it allows for better navigation and a better chance of getting through all that wear and tear without sustaining major damage. As this comes with bigger tires, rough off-roading hits your car’s body less and gives you better break-over angles and traction when maneuvering.

You’re looking for higher clearance.

This one is an obvious definitive marker, as a lifted vehicle can be anywhere from two to 12 inches and more in terms of additional height, either from the front or rear. How high you can go depends on the usage you want out of it when driving and on the laws and regulations that vary, depending on what state you’re in.

To an extent, this allows you to continue using your ride even with high water levels or excessive amounts of snow, making it a solid choice for areas hard hit during those seasons. It can also help keep your undercarriage safe if you’re going to be traversing high obstacles. Whether this is of practical importance will depend on each individual’s driving style and terrain. After all, higher clearance does not give a lot of leeway for highspeed and swerving.

You want better visibility.

It comes with the territory to get better visibility in the mix when getting a lifted ride, so you can see ahead of you with a vantage point that is otherwise unachievable in stock units. Not only can you see at a greater distance, but you can also look ahead over other cars in your midst.

This can have its own purposes if you like to map out your path or if you need more ample time to hit your brakes. This, once again, seems more useful for those who go off-road a lot and travel with other vehicles and obstacles that require visual readiness. Whereas, those who are simply using their trucks for daily driving have it as more of a cosmetic advantage.

Finding the right set-up depends on your taste and how you want to use your vehicle. With the right one, you can feel powerful without sacrificing performance.

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