Useful Hacks to Have Longer-Lasting Tires

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Extending the life span of your tires is something that a lot of drivers want to achieve to have some more bang for their buck and to avoid the hassle of having to switch out for new ones as much as possible. Aside from taking care of how you use your vehicle, some surefire techniques make sure you are prolonging the functionality of your tires effectively and safely.

Here are some ideas you should keep in mind:

Get your wheels balanced

This option is one of the best ways you can ensure your tires last longer. A lot of drivers miss out on doing this regularly even when they have their tires rotated. A car wheel balancer can help adequately distribute weight and vibration throughout your wheels, ensuring that not one wheel has to work harder than the others.

A common cause for tires wearing out quicker is because they are taking on more of the load of the vehicle. This issue can even be worsened when drivers prefer faster speeds in their daily drives. However, even if you drive on smooth terrain and don’t overwork your vehicle, tread wear is inevitable over time. So it’s important to keep a check on this and balance the wheels accordingly.

Maintain optimum tire pressure

car wheel pressureAlthough gas stations come equipped with gauges that have air hoses, it could also be an excellent investment to get your own tire gauge. Tire pressure changes with temperature, so it’s important to keep a check on this, depending on what season it is and the general climate of the area you often drive in.

The traction and handling of your vehicle will rely on your tires having adequate pressure. If you have poor levels, then your tires will be more prone to having difficulties with their grip, and they are more likely to wear out more quickly. It’s also important to note that you have to reach an optimum pressure because going over or under makes the wear uneven and harder to manage.

Make sure your shocks are good

The shock absorber is responsible for keeping your tire stable as you drive on different types of land surfaces, stopping them from bouncing too much or wobbling. If your shocks are worn out or malfunctioning, not only can it make things more dangerous every time you get on the road, but it can also cause uneven tread wear that poses even more risks to your safety.

This issue leads to scalloped tires, which significantly lessens the functionality and lifespan of your tires even when you rotate them. For this reason, it’s best to keep your absorbers in tip-top shape. You can also replace them when necessary, even if you think your tire can still take a little beating. That way, the other wheels don’t have to compensate and get misaligned along the way.

Don’t neglect the rubber that keeps your car running smoothly. By checking off these your car maintenance to-do list, you can keep your tires alive and kicking longer.

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