Reducing Expenses in Maintaining Heavy Equipment

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The pandemic caused mixed reactions within the construction industry as its stakeholders had to implement measures to protect their employees and reduce the risk of getting infected. This comes as construction projects slowed down due to the situation.

With this, companies have to work on reducing expenses when they maintain heavy equipment while waiting for the projects to come in. Here are some ways that these companies can save on maintenance costs for their heavy equipment.

Monitor the Heavy Equipment

The first thing that they need to do is to monitor the equipment, especially if they rent them out to other companies. They should make sure they know where all of their assets are, especially for companies that have a large fleet of equipment. They can use telematics technology so they will know the location of their equipment. The technology allows heavy equipment owners to know the location of the assets at any given time.

Check the Undercarriage

When maintaining heavy equipment, particularly bulldozers, owners should make sure to check the undercarriage and tracks of these machines. They should conduct the inspection every day just before using them in a project. Ensuring the track alignment and tension are in order decreases the risk of issues once they use them in the project.

These are the components that take a lot of beating when they are used. And to increase their life span, the owners should monitor them and fix them whenever necessary. They should also make sure they are clean and ready for use.

Take into Account Remanufactured Parts

When a machine breaks down, the owner must fix them before they can use them again. There are instances when they require new parts for the heavy equipment. In this situation, the heavy equipment owner may buy parts or components from the original equipment manufacturer. But the prices of these components may be high and there are instances when they are not available.

With this, the heavy equipment owner can consider using aftermarket Caterpillar parts, especially if the component that needs replacement is not available. Even as some people are anxious about the quality, experts say that these fears are unfounded since they use durable materials when manufacturing these components. They are also cheaper, which allows the owner to cut costs in replacing the components.

Plan Maintenance Work

When the construction industry recovers, heavy equipment owners may find themselves using their equipment more often. And when this happens, the wear and tear of the equipment will increase, which can affect their life span.

So, heavy equipment owners should plan maintenance work on the equipment to ensure they work properly every time. It may require a small investment in terms of the parts and people who will maintain the equipment. But the rewards are big since they will increase the life span of their assets.

With this, heavy equipment owners should work with reliable professionals who are efficient and thorough with their jobs. They should make sure that they cover all the maintenance needs of the equipment so when they start using it, the owners will not experience any issues.

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Manage Idle Time

When using the equipment on a project, it’s best to reduce idle time to extend the period when the equipment requires maintenance. When a machine is idle, it still uses fuel and the engine is performing unnecessary work. This can add up to the cost of maintaining the equipment. If the idle time is long, the operator should turn off the machine. They can turn it on once they need to use it again.

Calibrate the Tools and Equipment

When heavy equipment owners have their assets repaired, they have to make sure the equipment works properly after it’s repaired. In these instances, the equipment needs calibration to ensure this. They can work with calibration companies that have a good track record of working on the equipment of construction companies, mining firms, and even the military. Aside from ensuring the equipment will work, heavy equipment owners will save money since their equipment will work properly while they are used in a project.

Do Not Wait to Include Additional Features

If the heavy equipment owner is planning to acquire more assets, the salesman may offer a new feature that they can include in their purchase. While they may opt to decline, the feature can increase their chances of winning a project in the future. So, if they have a budget for it, they can include the additional features, especially if the salesman gives them a discount for it.

Maintaining heavy equipment can be costly. But if owners know what to do, they will end up saving a lot of money while keeping their assets in good running condition.

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