Maintaining Your Car to Prevent Accidents

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Automobile accidents are among the leading causes of death in the world, with around 1.35 million people killed every year. Even though the figure went down in 2019, people can further prevent these accidents through proper car maintenance.

Here are some car maintenance tips that you can follow to reduce the risk of getting into an accident while you are on the road.

Clean the Headlights

Keeping the headlights clean is important to ensure the driver can see well at night. Vehicle owners assume that the headlights of their cars are working efficiently as long as they are able to use them. However, they can still optimize its performance by cleaning them.

They can start by checking if the plastic cover of the headlights is clear or if it is starting to turn yellow. The headlights of a car are covered with protective films to provide additional protection. But they may turn yellow with constant exposure to UV lights. When this happens, they will not provide suitable light when you use them at night.

A headlight restoration kit may be enough for you to clean the headlights of your car. All you need to do is to follow the instructions on how to use the kit to clean the headlights.

Check the Wiper Blades

One common issue that car owners have to deal with is a worn-out wiper blade. The natural wear and tear on this car part can cause issues with visibility, especially when it starts to scratch the windshield of the car. If the wiper blades damage the windshield, you should bring the car to a reliable auto glass repair shop as soon as possible. A damaged windshield will hinder your vision, which can result in accidents.

Before this happens, you can check the wiper blades to check for any signs of wear and tear. You should also check if the blades are stiff or have tears and cracks. If you notice that the wiper blades are damaged, you should replace them.

Additionally, you should check the wiper fluid in the car. It is important to keep the wiper fluid topped up so you can remove bugs that land on your windshield. It is inconvenient to try to clean a dirty windshield if your car does not have wiper fluid to remove dirt on it. This can also lead to accidents, especially if you cannot see properly while driving.

Check the Tires

You should also check the tires of your car regularly to prevent accidents. Accidents may happen if your car tires are not properly inflated and you’re driving in the middle of a rainstorm or snowstorm. You should make sure the tires are inflated, have no tears or cracks, and are not worn out.

The tires need to be in good condition, especially if you are planning to go on a long road trip. You should replace the tires if you notice that they are too worn out or the tread is gone or is already irregular. While rotating the tires may help even out the wear and even extend their lifespan, there are instances when this cannot deal with the issues with your tires.

Checking tire pressure is also advisable, especially during cold weather since the tires lose air in this situation. Aside from keeping you safe, a properly inflated tire also improves the mileage of your car.

Check the Brakes

The car brakes are important components that help you avoid accidents while you are on the road. They work with the tires to keep you safe while you are traversing roads in wet weather conditions. Due to this, you should make sure the brake pads are not worn out. Worn brake pads can damage the rotors, which results in expensive repairs. Additionally, issues with the brake fluid and brake pads can cause the brake system to fail and result in accidents. To avoid this, you should make sure to check the brakes of the car every day. If you feel that the brakes are not working, you should have the car checked.

Check the Car Fluids

Car fluids have different functions to ensure the car functions properly. Aside from the wiper fluid and brake fluid, cars also have transmission fluid, fluid for the power steering of the car, and car oil. You should make sure to check the fluid levels yourself and fill them up whenever needed. When the fluid level is low, it can affect the performance of the car and can even cause an accident.

Car maintenance is an important task for car owners to ensure the cars will run and allow them to avoid accidents while on the road.

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