Motorcycles Over Cars: It’s About Time You Arrive Faster

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The pandemic has certainly changed society as we know it. All one has to do for anyone who doubts that is step outside. There aren’t as many vehicles on the road now than at the same time of the year last year. On top of that, there’s less activity. The virus has become the perfect antagonist to suppress people’s movement and gatherings. Had it not for the internet, life as we know it would certainly grind to a halt. And with that, mental health issues may shoot up even more.

In such a seemingly apocalyptic scenario, ditching your car to get a motorcycle could be wise. While cars certainly can hold their own in any setting, the pandemic may not be their best time to shine. For one, cars mean closed quarters, an environment that encourages the spread of the virus even more. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are open air. You need not worry about errant passengers. Most importantly, a motored ride is cheaper by a long shot. If you want to make the most of your precious dollars, hopping on the two-wheel motorized ride sounds more logical indeed.

Unbeatable Savings

Right off the bat, your piggy bank is going to love owning a motorcycle. While a car can cost you $12,000 and up, setting aside a few thousand can get you a brand new motored two-wheel drive. That’s a lot of money saved that you can spend on essentials during the pandemic.

Cost is a big one. Why? Let’s face it. The pandemic isn’t like a pharmacy-bought medicine that has a shelf life. We don’t really know when it will end, if at all. America’s top doctor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, predicts we could get back to normal by 2021. But that’s not even for certain.

Being able to stretch your budget, therefore, is a must.

Moreover, a motorcycle won’t just be a cheaper buy. It’s also a lot cheaper to maintain.

For one, your two-wheel bike is more fuel-efficient. A commuter motorcycle usually spends 3.92 liters every 62 miles (100 kilometers). Cars, even the best fuel-efficient ones, gobbles up 4.7 liters per 62 miles. That’s a huge difference.

Even better, when it comes to motorcycle repair, the costs are far lower than that of a car, especially true with a local service. Most motorcycle owners make a habit of cleaning their ride before jumping on the saddle. Car owners are of a totally different breed. So repairs for two-cycle motor vehicles need not be as tedious as that of an automobile.

Parking Lift and Getting There Faster

How many times has parking become a seemingly impossible task for you? It doesn’t matter where. Whether it’s at a hotel or your child’s school, cars almost always compete with one another for precious parking space.

You won’t have a problem with motorcycles. It’s a breeze. They can fit in tight spaces. Quite easily, that translates to time you can spend on more important things. With a car, you’d be lucky if ample parking space is waiting for you, not to mention cooler heads.

Additionally, you get to navigate traffic better when you’re on a bike than in a car. The automobile’s big mass puts it at a disadvantage. That means you get to arrive at your destination a lot faster on a motorcycle than via car.

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The Virus

Closed spaces with air conditioning can really speed up the spread of the virus. That’s because COVID-19 is spread not only via droplets when sneezing or when coughing. But it also can ride on aerosols commonly released when talking or breathing. Riding with someone infected in a car can surely increase your chances of getting the virus.

That was the findings of experts from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. To minimize your risks, these experts recommend you roll down the car windows a bit.

According to them, “So the next time you’re in your car—be it your own vehicle with others or in a taxi, Uber or Lyft—it’s all the same advice: Open up the windows just a bit, even if everyone is feeling fine. Having everyone in the car wear a mask can also help and is a must in a taxi or ride-share vehicle.”

Well, you won’t have the same problem with a motorcycle. You’re as free as a bird, exposed to the sun and everything good about nature. Unless you take in strangers, getting the virus is as remote a possibility as finding Wonder Woman on the road.

Health Benefits

Lastly, a motorcycle tends to lower your stress. With the wind on your hair and all the nature for you to see, it’s refreshing. A long ride with friends can easily become a hobby, as many motorcycle clubs all over the country can tell you. Indeed, motorcycle enthusiasts can attest to how much fun riding a bike is than riding a car.

Plus (and this is a good one), you get to burn more calories riding your motorbike. How much? One motorcycle ride can burn 170 calories per hour on average. It’s like going to the gym. Anyone who says he can burn as much in a car must be holding a dumbbell in one hand while holding the steering wheel in the other.

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