Tips for Properly Caring for Your Car’s Exterior

  • Regularly clean off bird droppings or sap with a product designated for auto surfaces.
  • Apply a UV protectant to keep the exterior finish from fading, and properly wash, dry and clean the surface beforehand. 
  • Inspect tires often for proper pressure and wear patterns to improve fuel economy and avoid dangerous situations on the road.
  • Ensure wheel wells are cleared of dirt or mud buildup that could lead to rust.

Maintaining your car’s exterior is essential to keeping it looking good and running well. Proper maintenance can help extend your vehicle’s life and save you money on costly repairs in the future. A few simple weekly steps to keep your car’s exterior clean and in good condition will ensure you maximize your investment. This article will discuss some tips for properly maintaining and cleaning your car’s exterior.

Bring your car to an auto body shop.

Bringing your car to an auto body shop is an essential step in maintaining the exterior of your vehicle. Auto body shops specialize in keeping your car looking its best and ensuring it remains protected from the elements, significantly extending its lifespan.

These facilities have access to high-quality products such as waxes and seals that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, meaning they can provide a more comprehensive solution than home repairs.

Furthermore, technicians at an auto body shop are trained with the knowledge needed to properly assess any damage, allowing them to expertly administer the correct treatments. This preventive approach will save you money in the long run, minimizing the need for costly repairs.

Keep your car exterior clean.

Here are some other ways you can keep your car exterior clean:

Clean off any bird droppings or sap.

A man wiping off dirt from a car's hood

Removing bird droppings or sap from a car’s exterior is essential in preserving and maintaining the look. When not taken care of quickly, these substances can oxidize, etch and stain for a more permanent appearance that ruins the car’s gloss. Depending on the type of paint on your vehicle, some cleaners may be more appropriate than others.

Choose one designated for auto surfaces such as chrome, glass, and plastic to avoid damaging those delicate areas with harsher agents. Be sure to do a spot check by applying it to an inconspicuous area beforehand to test if the product can be used safely. If not, try another cleaner explicitly crafted for automotive use.

Apply a UV protectant.

Protecting your car’s exterior finish from fading over time is essential to maintaining your vehicle. A good quality UV protectant, such as a wax or conditioner specifically made for that purpose, will help keep your car’s paint and finish looking new.

Make sure to properly wash, dry, and clean the surface you are treating with the product before applying it, even using a soft cloth or sponge. Shining it back up afterward is essential to further protect and enhance the luster to keep your car looking good. Doing this regularly will ensure that your car’s exterior looks pristine for many years.

Inspect tires often

A car running along a curve

Keeping your car’s tires in good condition is essential for safety and reliability on the road. Regularly inspect the tire pressure to ensure optimum performance from your vehicle; underinflated tires can wear out faster, potentially causing a flat tire or an accident. Check them monthly at the least, and adjust accordingly.

Additionally, look at wear patterns – for instance, if your car is pulling to one side consistently, it’s likely due to improper tire alignment. Keeping up with this maintenance will improve fuel economy, and help you avoid dangerous situations on the road by ensuring that all of your tires are safe enough to depend on.

Ensure wheel wells are cleared

Keeping your car’s exterior in good condition should be a primary focus, as a well-maintained vehicle is essential for both performance and longevity. One of the many steps necessary for preserving your car’s exterior is ensuring the wheel wells are cleared of any dirt or mud buildup that could eventually lead to rust.

This can typically be done by simply wiping down the area with a damp cloth and – if needed – using a brush with some mild soap to remove any more stubborn buildup. An essential perk of completing this task regularly is getting rid of hazardous road materials that have found their way into the wheel well, preventing these materials from damaging the underside of your car’s body.

Invest in quality detailing products

Investing in quality detailing products for your car is an important part of maintaining its exterior and protecting it from external elements. By purchasing high-quality window tint film, bug deflectors, car bras, and wind deflectors, you can be sure that your vehicle is better shielded from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, rocks kicked up by other cars on the roads and highways, and any other potential hazards.

Not only are these items great for protection purposes, but they also create a unique and stylish look for your vehicle. Remember that you should consult with local authorities before installing any of these products onto your car due to different states’ laws regarding window tints.

These are just some ways to keep your car’s exterior in top condition. Remember that proper maintenance will enhance its looks and extend its lifespan considerably.

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