Car Damage Control: 8 Upgrades to Protect Your Vehicle

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Your car can be surprisingly fragile. There are dozens of potential threats out there that can damage your car. Fortunately, several modern technologies can help protect your vehicle from damage. For those who want to ensure that their car stays in good condition, investing in these upgrades can be a good investment.

1. Better Tires

The tires of your car are some of the most hard-working parts of your vehicle. Having tough tires is a necessity, especially if you travel off-road or drive around a lot. While factory-grade tires are good, you should invest in an upgrade. Depending on where you drive, there are several options. For example, you drive around in urban environments, changing to pothole-proof tires can be a good investment. These have added rubber layers so that they don’t get pinched and punctured so easily. Other tires provide a better grip, while some technologies allow for tires to seal their punctures.

2. Improved Car Coating

Wind, sun, and rain can do a lot of damage to your car’s exterior. The paint will see a lot of scratches and damage if you expose your vehicle to the elements a lot. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to that. A high-quality ceramic car coating applied to your car’s exterior will ensure that dirt and the elements won’t damage your vehicle in the long run. It is also a simple procedure. Your car will be back and ready for use in no time.

3. Body Side Molding

The side of your car can be very vulnerable to damage. Other cars passing by and bumping your door against various obstacles can lead to scratches and dents. This might not seem like much, but it builds up. If you want to avoid the issue, installing body side molding as a buffer can be a big help. They are also very affordable. Depending on the material and positioning, the maximum cost for molding is several hundred dollars.

4. Auto Braking System

Accidents can also be devastating to cars. However, the damage from a crash can be reduced with fast reflexes. If you brake early enough, then the damage doesn’t have to be so bad. It might be the difference between a dent and a crash. The problem is not everyone has the fast reflexes to ensure that happens. It is a good thing then that modern cars have an automatic emergency braking system. This system detects possible collisions and does the braking for the driver. It can be oversensitive, but it is better to be more cautious than not protect your vehicle.

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5. Blind Spot Detection and Cameras

A big issue that causes accidents is that the driver is unable to see the danger. Being blindsided by a threat or not seeing a low stump can lead to damage to your car. In the past, people were limited to their vision, and that has lead to accidents. With the help of cameras and detection systems, these are a lot less common.

6. LED Headlights

The most common time that car accidents happen is at night. This is because of lower visibility. Car headlights of the past had varying quality, so they may not give clear sight for many drivers. Fortunately, lighting technology is now excellent. LED lights provide brighter lighting and improved visibility, unlike older lights. They look a lot natural and ensure that drivers see every detail of what they are driving on.

7. Traction Control Systems

Another threat to cars is slippery roads. While tires with a good grip can help with that, they can only do so much. This is where traction control systems come in. To help prevent the car from going out of control, the system lowers the torque of each wheel if it threatens to do so. The result is that the driver will have an easier time on slippery roads.

8. Car Alarm and Security

Accidents are not the only threats to your car. Thieves can easily steal it if it is left unattended and you are not careful. Investing in several car security systems ensures that you won’t lose your car because a car thief got greedy. This can range from a steering wheel lock to advanced electronic security devices.

A car is one of the biggest purchases that a person can make. The technologies above can ensure that your automobile will stay protected despite whatever conditions there are on the road. They may require you to spend some additional funds. But the expense should be worth it to see your car better protected and operational. Talk with your local car dealership to see what options are available on purchase or look for after-market upgrades at your local garage.

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