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Times have been pretty rough the past year, especially for anyone who has a knack for hitting the open road and just cruising. Car enthusiasts are cloistered in their homes right now and can’t enjoy a hobby they love at the moment. Things don’t have to be boring or depressing, though, as there are still tons of avenues for you to express this interest and pass the time by even if you’re not able to ride around. Here are a few you can check out:

  • Get a drone

A lot of drone manufacturers in the United States cater to hobbyists nowadays with various models that fit any level of skill, interest, and budget. If you’re looking for an alternate way to explore, crack those knuckles, and make use of your driving skills, you can try your hand at drone piloting. There is a big community of recreational pilots that continues to grow, especially since that doesn’t require a license.

If you’re going to be using more heavy-duty models, though, and you want to dive into commercial applications, then you will have to apply for a separate license. Of course, if you’re starting, you don’t have to jump right into doing this right away. It would also be smarter to start with an accessible and manageable unit that you don’t mind testing the waters.

If you’re going to be doing this from home or in any place, there shouldn’t be much trouble. However, it’s still important to know the rules you need to adhere to, such as not flying over crowds, staying below 400 feet, and avoiding controlled airspace, among other regulations.

  • Collect and assemble scale models

classic cars

Another option that you can spend some time on from the comfort of the indoors is starting your very own collection of scale model cars. This is essentially the more “grown-up” version of the hot wheels you may have enjoyed in days of yore. The quality of these die-cast models is better and can be a great ice breaker. You could also use them to amass those unique makes without actually having to spend money.

There are collectible cars already set, but some of the most rewarding ones are the car kits that you have to put together yourself. There are different sizes to choose from, depending on your preference, and it’s quite an intensive process that takes care to accomplish. A good kit will include various components that are just as detailed as the real thing, and you can even get paint kits with it if you’re into customization.

  • Try a racing video game

In the digital age, there is already an extensive library of racing games you can have some fun. Sure, some are completely insane or just unrealistic, but some try to mimic the real experience while making it fun for the mainstream gaming audience. You can easily play with a console controller, but if you’re doing this to recreate the experience of actually being on the road, you can either opt for a virtual reality setup or buy yourself an arcade kit or simulator rig. These usually come with pedals, a shift, and a driving wheel, but a decked-out setup even comes with its seat.

The good thing about this, too, is that you can live out your “fast and furious” fantasy without actually having to be out there risking your life and breaking the law. Even if you don’t go traditional, there are a lot of popular games that have driving elements in the mix, among the most played of which include Grand Theft Auto V and Rocket League.

  • Soup up an old car

If you have the coin to spare, you could take the time to refurbish an old vehicle that’s seen its prime and try to bring it back up to driving-ready capacity or modify the heck out of it. It carries the same satisfaction as flipping a house while catering specifically to the car enthusiast crowd. You can focus on performance or aesthetics, or even try to balance both. The beauty of it is that it falls to you what you want to do with it, as long as you’re smart about it.

You don’t have to be relegated to a life of inanity and disinterest just because you can’t necessarily take your baby out for a spin. Try these out, and it may just expand your interests even more.

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