What Sets Subwoofers Apart of Speakers

Are you wondering how subwoofers differ from speakers? Both devices serve the same purpose of audio amplification, as shown in the video. However, they are built to meet different sound needs. Unlike speakers, subwoofers are designed to produce low-frequency sounds. As such, they are curated for deep sounds like bass, an important component of any home theater system.

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Speakers are designed in different categories, which informs various sound qualities. The larger the size, the better the mid-range and sound quality. Besides, speakers differ in terms of purpose. Home theater system speakers are big, producing full-range sound. Music playback speakers produce a more focused sound, coming in small sizes.

The quality of sound differs by size, purpose and stereo sound. Larger speakers reproduce low-frequency sounds while smaller ones are curated for high-frequency sounds. Most speakers have two in-built speakers that are deliberately positioned to create depth in the sound or rather stereo sound.

Subwoofers specialize in low-frequency sounds ranging from 20Hz to 200Hz. A low-frequency driver is installed in subwoofers, whose size determines the depth of the sounds. Meaning, the bigger the driver, the deeper the sound. Subwoofers also have a broad frequency response, which allows them to produce very low-frequency sounds as needed in movies and music.

A subwoofer and a speaker, though both facilitate sound amplification, have different specialties. Subwoofers are best for low-frequency sounds, while speakers, especially small ones, are best for high-frequency sounds. Both serve an almost similar purpose of entertaining.


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