RV Homes: Is the Motor Home Mobile Lifestyle for You?

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Why not take more of the road every day? Instead of just traveling for a few hours, why not make it your home? Yup, RV (recreational vehicle) use has grown steadily over the years. If you’re a car enthusiast, it could appeal to your taste. Of all the freedoms it can afford you, it may be the closest thing to living in America you can find. So the question is why not do it now?

You can trace the idea of living on the road with the early Americans who depended on their horse-drawn covered wagon. Indeed, from the year 1745 onwards, these early traveler’s homes paved the way for the conquest of interior America, becoming a mainstay in many cowboy-Indian movies through the years. Then in 1915, the Gypsy Van of the Conklin family made headlines nationwide traveling all over the country for months. Thus, begun America’s love story with the motor home. What follows are its pros and cons.

The Case for Motor Homes

Right off the bat, now that RV use is gaining traction these days. More and more Americans, perhaps burdened by all the restrictions and stay-at-home orders, are considering the RV lifestyle. To get away from COVID-19 and all. Many are packing up the family and hitting the beaches. While many segments of America’s travel industry are limping, hit hard by the virus, RV use is skyrocketing. One reason for this is you can get as far away from people as possible. In short, you get better social distancing. And there are more benefits from living in a mobile home could surprise you.

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First and foremost, living in an RV is far cheaper than building your dream house. Your physical “sticks and bricks” house means you’ll have to pay for mortgage or rent, the energy use, both power and water. And tend to a lot of things that could go wrong.

Then, you can’t beat your time with nature. If you want to explore the world, America in your books, nothing can do it better for you than moving about in a recreational van. That’s a lot of time with nature. This should mean you get to have greater chances of fresh air and all the wildlife you want, not to mention all the stars in plain view at night.

Plus, you get to experience a lot of growth. Why? When you RV your life, that means you will have to take care of living on your own. In short, you get to be as responsible as you need to.

The Downsides of Living on the Road

In terms of comfort, you could say the RV lifestyle can try to emulate living in a permanent home but it’s bound to fall short. Top of the list of things you can’t have more in an RV is utilities. Talk about power and water. You may be able to bring mineral water but it’s going to run out pretty soon.

Quite simply, you can afford more comfort in a brick-and-mortar home. It’s why also when you decide to move to a new location, you may have to get the services of professional movers. These moving experts act like a huge arm helping you from packing things to transporting them to unpacking them to your new address. In short, they have your back covered. With an RV, you’re all packed and ready to go whenever wherever you want.

Then there’s the question of space. It’s all packed tight to the last meter. So, if you’re a chef who’s accustomed to a spacious kitchen, you will have to make do with all the crampiness. Plus, you’ll have to ensure things are clutter-free. If you don’t, the little space you have in an RV can easily be cluttered in a flash. And yes, no bathtubs for you.

You’ll have to drive a little bit slower than before. Why? If you run at 60+ mph, you’ll surely be breaking a lot of things. An RV is a house running. Think of all the glass, the pipes, and the tin cans. Things could get ugly pretty fast. It would be wise if you already set aside a budget for possible repairs as you go.

As near are you as possible to nature, you’ll also be affected negatively by all that. For starters, your vehicle can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you stay for months on end, this can truly be a problem, especially if you have weak lungs.

Additionally, you won’t get the insulation you have in a traditional home. Your existence inside will be hot and pretty muggy. So true, even when you have the AC cranked up.

Still, it’s all worth it, if you’re seeking the adventure that the outdoors offer, a lifestyle on wheels should be for you. To see the world as much as you can. As fast as you roll.

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