Moving Checklist: Essential Furniture to Bring to Your New Place

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Moving into your first apartment may be both exciting and surreal. For the first time in your life, you will be completely independent of your parents and siblings. There is nothing more rewarding than sitting in your new bedroom or cooking your favorite dish in your kitchen without a disturbance from other people. Even if you live in a shared apartment, getting your own apartment is an exciting idea that signifies adulthood and power.

You may have been wondering whether you have brought the right stuff with you. So as not to miss anything, here is a short guide to help you get sorted.


A quality, comfortable sofa symbolizes growing up and getting over your old, dysfunctional choices. Let go of your old futon and purchase an apartment sofa from a nearby furniture shop. An apartment sofa enables you to save space but will not compromise your need for comfort. Because it is multifunctional, most apartment sofas can accommodate visitors in the morning and be converted to a sleeper sofa at night. Some of these furniture pieces are extra wide and have an extra bed for guests for a comfortable sleepover.

A Sleeper

A guest bed or sleeper is a good addition to your multifunctional sofa if you accommodate more visitors for a mini party. These pull-out beds are very convenient because they stay part of the furniture and will not take space. They are also available in several colors. Make sure to buy ones with neutral tones so that they can blend in with other furniture.

Pretty Chairs and Recliners

Grooming a small space may be challenging as misplaced furniture may ruin the entire style you want to create. As a rule, avoid buying oversized furniture for your living room. Instead, use accent chairs and recliners. New age recliners are slim, flexible, but strong. They are designed to fit in modern homes while giving their tenants a comfortable experience. Gone are those days when chairs have bulky arms. New accent chairs are streamlined and can be tuck in any corner of the house. Most of them also have a neutral gray upholstery perfect, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are basic in your new apartment setup. This furniture can be a good centerpiece that can hold miscellaneous things in your living room. You can place your remote controls, drinks, magazines, and cute decors on a sturdy and small coffee table.

Coffee tables may range in material, design, and cost. Some have a classic, functional design. Some also have an artsy feel that communicates your personality and style. Get the one that is proportionate with the rest of the furniture to avoid becoming an eyesore.

A New Mattress

A new mattress is perfect as you enter this new phase in life. It’s time to get rid of your old mattress from your parents’ home or your college dormitory. Time to buy a mattress that is perfect for your body size and movements at night.


A Bed Frame

Bed frames are not only for aesthetic purposes. They have the practical purpose of making you sit comfortably. Instead of leaning directly on the wall, the bed frame will act as a cushion to protect your head and make your back comfortable. Choose the bed frame made of comfortable cushions and upholstery. Its color should also go well with the rest of your bedroom color scheme.


Store your folded clothes neatly in a dresser. There are several styles of dressers and storage furniture. Choose the one that blends well with your entire bedroom sets. A dresser will not be complete without a nightstand behind it. Nightstands are designed to hold a lamp, drinks, or your phone.

Desk and Chair

These pieces of furniture are perfect for those days when you have to bring homework at home. Writing desks should be just enough for its designated corner or apartment space.

TV Stand or Console

Secure your TV and Xbox in a reliable TV stand. This furniture will serve as your entertainment area as this is where you will place your DVDs, remotes, gaming stations, controllers, and their corresponding cables and wires.

Dining Room Set

Elevate your lifestyle to the next level by not eating on your bed or futon! As you embrace adulting, you need to upgrade your lifestyle and keep a chic and comfortable dining set where you can spend dinners with style after a long day at work. Purchase something that can accommodate up to four stools.

In transferring these essentials to your new apartment, make sure to contact a reliable courier that can bring them safely. There are a couple of movers and groups of flatbed carriers that are famous for their service. Try to contact them in advance and set up a definite time and date when you want to move to your new apartment.

This is the day you have been waiting for! Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before. Stay hydrated and prepare for a long day ahead.

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