Keeping Your Car Clean and Well-Maintained: Ideas to Follow

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Back in the good old days, seeing cars with 100,000 mileage and still on the road was nothing short of a miracle. However, nowadays, it’s not unusual for a vehicle to go well over 300,000 miles, and all car owners have one secret for this — proper maintenance. To ensure your car stays in mint condition, you’ll need to have a bit of technical knowledge on how to keep your vehicle in its best shape.

Here are some car cleaning and maintenance tips that can help you stretch your car’s lifespan longer — making it look and function better.

Be Prepared At All Times

To ensure optimal car maintenance, you’re going to need to carry some tools to help you resolve issues on the go. Delaying any repairs such as fixing leaks can damage your car’s engine significantly. So, it’s best to be prepared and have a complete engine rebuild and repair kit with you at all times.

Have It Checked By A Professional Regularly

Although you can take care of specific routine maintenance car care tasks at home, some issues require a trained technician’s aid. For instance, if your check engine light persists even if there isn’t a problem, call a technician to help you out. Plus, these professionals can also help prevent any issues when you schedule regular tune-ups.

Routinely Wash Your Car

Every day your car gets exposed to direct sunlight, salt, grease, and dead bugs. These components can damage your car’s paint and penetrate the metal in your vehicle over time. Although failure to wash your car won’t result in immediate damage, these elements can corrode your automobile in the long run, alongside its potentially high resale value. How often you need to wash your car will depend on your location and its standard climate.

If you live in an area with plenty of pollution or sea salt in the air, you’ll need to wash it at least twice or thrice a month. However, if you reside in an inland area with minimal pollution, cleaning it once a month will do.

Change Oil Every 5,000 Miles

Regularly changing your car’s oil is crucial in keeping its engine in optimal running conditions. Make sure to check your oil every month or at least every 5,000 miles driven and change it, as indicated in your car’s owner’s manual. You can change the oil on your own or bring your vehicle to a service center. When doing it yourself, ensure to drain the fluid first and set the correct oil levels and remove any old oil present. When choosing the best oil for your car, consider its viscosity and whether you need to use synthetic versus non-synthetic oil.

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Change Your Engine Filter

Dirty engine air filters allow dirt and other particulates into your vehicle’s engine, reducing its efficiency and air quality inside your car. Changing engine air filters is one of the most straightforward car maintenance jobs that anyone can do. It’s best to have your air filters checked at least once a year and replaced when needed.

Regularly Check Tire Pressure

Tire-related incidents are often caused by inflated tires, reducing your car’s gas mileage and affecting its handling capacity. Plus, under-inflated tires can trigger dangerous blowouts. Refer to the car’s owner’s manual to determine the ideal pressure for your tires.

Whether you have an existing classic car or plan to buy a new vehicle, car maintenance becomes your responsibility. Although the maintenance methods mentioned are expensive and time-consuming, the investment you make early on can save you money over time — and your car.

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