How Much Will a Carport Cost?

How many times have you thought about it? Maybe it was when you were holding your breath during that hailstorm, or perhaps when that last thunderstorm came through with those high wins when you thought about how much safer you would feel if your car was safe under a carport. Yes, there is little doubt that you would feel better, and your vehicle probably would too, but how much are carports and is it worth the investment? Those are also the same questions the attached video explores, and some of the answers might just surprise you.

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Here is a quick peek at how much a carport may cost and if it is something you should consider.

Yes, to address the elephant in the room and to answer the question everyone wants to know, carports are effective at protecting vehicles from issues like falling limbs and branches, hail, and blowing debris, among other concerns. The good news is carports offer a wide range of options, and that also means a wide range of price points. From DIY types of carports to professionally installed carport services, you can pay as little as less than $2000 for a reliable carport to upwards of $10,000 for more elaborate carports. So, if you want to protect your vehicle, a carport is a good option. How much that is worth, however, may be up to you.


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