Car Maintenance: Why It Matters During the Pandemic

car maintenance

Cars have become a health necessity during the pandemic. With person-to-person contact being the number one way to contract the COVID-19 virus, more and more people see the importance of cars as a means to go about their daily lives with reduced risks. By simply using public transport less and controlling the environment within your car, you’re taking active measures to combat the hazards to you and your family.

This is why it’s integral to spend time, money, and energy in maintaining your car. You’ll want to make sure that you’ll continue to enjoy this privilege while the pandemic persists.

Your Car Could be Your Lifeline

While the world is already adjusting to the new normal, there could still be facilities and community services that aren’t functioning with the same efficiency and speed as they used to. A car enables you to act accordingly during emergencies, may it be to your health or your safety. The problem is that with remote work and distance learning in place, a lot of cars in Utah today sit idle in driveways. Those who buy every household supply in one go only use their vehicles once or twice a week, and possibly for short distances.

The longer the interval between each use, the greater the chances that your car might not even start the next time you try to use it. Infrequent usage will cause the battery to lose charge, tires to suffer from air leaks and other problems that could compromise your safety while driving.

If you fear that this could be the case with your car, take it to a trusted mechanic to have it assessed. Automotive diagnostics will give you a comprehensive picture of your car’s condition and whether you’ll benefit from tune-ups to your dyno performance. There are many such credible auto shops equipped not only with the technology to improve your car but also with the means to do so while adhering to health protocols.

Once you’re sure that your car is functioning well and you’ve troubleshot the major problems, it’s time to take preventive action.

Keep It Running

How do you keep your batteries from draining due to insufficient use? Drive it for ten to fifteen miles, two to three times a month. If you have more than one car, regularly switch when running errands. This simplifies the process of meeting its required mileage monthly to keep it in top shape. You can also take extra measures by choosing the longer route home instead of your usual shortcuts. Avoid cranking, because it only furthers the damage to your battery.

While completing your monthly mileage, you should check for other existing problems:

Unusual Noises

Car engine check
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There are squeals and clanks that are normal under certain circumstances, and there are those that need urgent attention as soon as you hear them. Is the squeal coming from your tires when you suddenly hit the brakes? Check your brake pads and have them replaced as soon as possible. Is the squeal coming from under the hood? Time to stop over and ask for help.

Your serpentine belt could be loose or damaged, and once it completely snaps, you’re left with a car that won’t start at all. It’s an ugly prospect when driving through the freeway, at which point a car repair might not be the only thing you’ll need.

Fluid Refill

Your car runs on a variety of fluids, each of them making sure that your drive is as smooth and as safe as could be. Apart from engine oil, you have your transmission fluid, grease, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Ensuring that you have enough supply of all these and that your car is processing them well is integral during an emergency. Some even suggest checking them every time you pump fuel into your car, especially during a global health crisis.

Learn how to use necessary instruments like dipsticks and where to locate the brake fluid (beneath the hood, back wall of engine, on top of the brake master cylinder) as well as when it’s okay to open their containers.

Brush Up on Your Knowledge

Car maintenance is an essential skill to have during a pandemic, even if you have easy access to automotive shops that can do them for you. The COVID-19 outbreak is an evolving issue and should new problems arise that forces these establishments to close, you’re left with limited resources and assistance.

Brush up on your knowledge now and earn the confidence to manage your car in any situation. You’ll never know when they’ll come in handy and when they can possibly save a life.

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