4 Part-Time Jobs That Can Turn into a Small Business

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Many people are trying to find ways to boost their income. If you want to make additional money, you should consider getting any part-time job. The added income will be helpful in your quest to save up amid your daily expenses. But if you want a part-time job that you can transition into a profit-generating company, these are your best options.


As the digital age advances, photography is no longer considered as a hobby. A lot of businesses rely on commercial photo shoots and advertisements to generate sales, which means your photography skills can be put to good use.

You will have to start small by taking photos for clients. When they feel satisfied with your work, you will likely get a recommendation. Referrals are essential in this line of business. If you manage to gain a lot of clients, you will be able to start your photography studio and hire a few novices under your wing. You might end up generating enough profit and attention for you to quit your day job and focus on your company. However, you must remember that the photography industry is a competitive sector. You must always improve your skills and come up with unique ways to stay on top.

Car Rental

Most workers do not have the time to learn new skills, which is why they choose to stick to the ones they already know when choosing a part-time job. If you know how to drive, for instance, you could explore the ride-hailing business.

You should start by offering a service through a reliable Grab rental partner. You will drive customers to their chosen destinations while earning money. After a few years of collecting profit, you might have enough money to buy more cars and hire drivers. You might even come up with your own business model and launch a car rental company.


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If you are looking for a part-time job that allows you to use your creativity and imagination, you should consider looking at the writing industry. You can start at copywriting and SEO writing. You may also try selling your novels and books online. If you have the right skills and attitude, you can go after business clients by yourself. You can set up a business pitch to convince them to acquire your services. When you have a lot of clients, you can start hiring a few writers and form your team. You can pass on your knowledge to them and continuously help them hone their writing skills.


A lot of kids need tutoring, which is why it is an ideal part-time job. The position might be fulfilling enough for you to turn it into a business. If you are looking to hire tutors for your small business, you should consider improving their skills in teaching. You may also opt for online tutoring. You can expand your business teaching kids from across the globe.

You will find a lot of part-time jobs that are suitable for your hobbies and lifestyle. If you dedicate enough time and effort to it, you can even turn it into a small business.

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